Monday, September 10, 2012

Our thoughts on our day at the Museum...

I liked seeing the moon in the star lab. Rylee
 I liked the stars and the moon. Neve
 I liked the stars and the moon. Quinn
 I liked seeing the stars. Lucas
 I liked seeing the sun. Tane
 I liked seeing the constellations Annalyse 
 I liked seeing the stars moving around and the sun. Charlotte
 I liked the pirate ship and looking at all the ships Ciarstyn
 I liked the whale bones and the boats. Hugo 
 I liked the anchor. Thomas 
 The star lab was fun and thank you for showing us the sun. Nate 
 I liked seeing the stars moving and the moon moving around the stars. Emillie 
 I liked seeing the star lab and how it moved around. Holly 
 I liked seeing the dolphins ribs. Oak 
 I liked how the star lab was dark. Olly 
 The stars moving around. William 
 I liked seeing the stars. Darcey
 I liked the stars moving fast. Ben

Our day at the museum

star lab
This is the Star lab that was full of stars, the moon and the sun.
There wasn't a space ship outside Star lab but we imagined we were travelling in Space.